It’s okay to not like sex.

It’s okay to be sex repulsed.

It’s okay to not want to try sex at all ever.

It’s okay to be like this. You don’t have to be asexual to be sex repulsed. And being sex-repulsed is perfectly fine. If you don’t want to have sex then that’s okay. It’s all okay.

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Slurs are not oppressive because they are offensive, they are oppressive  because slurs by nature of being slurs draw upon certain power dynamics  to remind their target of his/her/their vulnerability in a certain relation to power and as an extension of that, to threaten violence and exploitation of that vulnerability.

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"Yeah, between work, getting my cosplay ready, and enjoying my 21st bday (which you’re not invited). My hands are pretty damn full.
Care to eat out them, like a dog?”

HA hahahhahhahha hahhah get a loada this guy what a charmer what a cool kid what a busy manbaby hoo boy ya got me

Literally what the fuck. Care to make some time to buy some god damn empathy holy fucking shit buy back your personhood and then maybe you won’t be a monstrous piece of shit anymore